Image of the Day


Simple things.



Sometimes the simplest things are the things that hold my attention.


Blue, Yellow, Knife

The week of colour, blue, yellow, knife.


Red Reflecting Tabletop

The week of colour, red reflecting tabletop.


Yellow Flower

One week I woke up and realized that I had started to notice colour all over again.


Winter Street

It was a snowy evening and I was wandering with my camera, eyes open, curious, pretending to be pretending that I was 6years old again and everything was amazing and new.
And then it was.


Light, Tree, Moon

Wandering around town one snowy winter evening right before Christmas.


In Melissa's Kitchen

A friend asked me to help with the prep for a republication of The Good Housekeeping Cookbook. We cooked our way through the entire poultry section, every recipe had to be created from the original, tested and tweaked at times. Dozens of birds of all kinds were roasted and basted and tasted. This was Melissa’s kitchen at the time.

Melissas Kitchen

Pot-Lid Portrait

How do we view ourselves in the world? That is a question that continues to intrigue me. What “filters” or distortions do we create in our thinking of ourselves, and which ones are created by that which reflects us in everyday life?


Alberta Farm

Camping across Canada I arrived at this farm one afternoon. I was about five minutes ahead of the thunderstorms that day. The sense of scale, of land rolling along away from me for miles was heightened by seeing this silo at this distance. As I walked down the long road to the farm itself, I realized that this same silo was far bigger than I’d imagined from the main road. The grain silo towered over the entire farm as bug as an apartment building. it was so large and so out of scale that it took fully 20 minutes to understand how far way i had been when I had taken this picture from the roadside.

Alberta Farmfield

Nyack Garden

See the world through the eyes of a child, open to everything as though for the first time. This exhortation often spins through my mind as I am wandering in neighborhoods I know well. Expanding they was we experience the world by shifting the view is one way to retain that wonderment of the mundane.


The Adirondack House

I like exploring the small towns around my home with my 4x5 Wista field-camera. The tins roofs of many buildings reflect light in a way that puts me in mind of Writers like Stegner and Albee. Writers of the earlier western united States, who wrote about the dustbowl era and the depression. That same depression has its fingers in our time, in these towns. Economically depressed, hit hard by flooding last year, many are still rebuilding their homes and their lives. These are towns that depend on tourist throughout the year to sustain them. With the floodwaters came visual devastation. What tourist would be lured by that?


The Thunderstorm

The thunderstorm rolled across the sky like a symphony of drums.


The clouds pushed through each other as though racing for a finish line at the far edge of the mountaintops. First one darker and lower was in the lead, then a lighter, airier cloud soared ahead of the pack. they tumbled across, around and through each other speeding towards an imaginary end-post.

Snow Against Grey

The snow streaming against the grey of the old building next door reminds me of the West, of the aging towns that once were bustling with activity and are now silent, of old poems that talk about dusty buildings falling into earth from age.


Lilliputian World

What if we were all Lilliputian?
Is this how the world would look to us at breakfast?


Thinking About Montana

Thinking about Montana, whilst driving through Vermont.


The clouds were racing against the sky, passing the mountains and shimmering over the lake. Wind blew strongly, lifting signposts and newspapers.
pushing little piles of discarded paper-cups into forgotten corners of buildings. The sky became a sea awash with roiling clouds and dust and bits of trees swirling ever upwards and away.

The Grounded Bed

A simple bed in the Azores was grounded,
Literally on the floor, secured between a chair and the wall.
I wondered where it might run off to if freed?


The Orange Towel

This orange towel hangs over a towel-rack in a bathroom in a house in a town in a small village out side of New York City.

It is not my towel, nor my house, nor my town, nor my village, nor my city.
But I do live in New York State

Alice's Door

The majority of colours appeared only in the reflection here,
prompting me to think of Lewis Carroll’s
Through the Looking Glass world.


Clash of Colours

The brilliantly saturated colours of the insulation against this guy’s hat, made for a visually arresting moment.


The purple was the spray insulation they were working with to seal the outside of a concrete structure in the art museum complex.

Influenced by...

Montreal again.
Wandering on a cold and sunny day.
Feeling the influence of amazing city photographers.
This moment was obviously a “Brassai” moment for me.


The Un-Self-portrait

While attending a photo workshop we were given the task of creating a self-portrait. After so many years at University in art departments, this is one of my least favorite tasks.
This was my solution.


The gentlemen holding my picture was a very surprised and somewhat bored security guy in a mall.
At least he was smiling after I got him to do this for me.

Photographer on The Hill

My battery was dying in my M9. The light was totally blown and this guy had his 4x5 out on the hillside.
He was taking pictures of his 4 year old son who kept running towards him as he tried to run back to trigger the shutter.
I mentally crossed my fingers, prayed to the god of photography and tried to get a few last images out on the battery in my camera.

This is what happened.


Study in Monochrome

A study in monochrome, in Montreal.


Snow Upon Reflection

Morning meditation has become a practice I enjoy. I do it walking around the beaver-pond across the street from my home. This morning there was snow in the mountains.
Funny what one notices when everything else is stillness.


Looking Upward

Walking the dog in the mornings provides an interesting meditation time. Often the world has not et awoken fully.
Light appears through trees in ways that surprise me each morning.


The Nyack Bed

Domestic areas, have always fascinated me. I often think of them as interior landscapes. Like the literary version, where the author refers to the landscape within the individual, I see these Interiors as manifestations of daily lives. The scenes stand in for the people. The objects: bed, rumpled sheets,mirror, all become the narrators of multiple stories. The images become jumping off points for viewers to create their own interpretations.

Bedroom 03 v1 print

Knitting Her Way Home

I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people as I wander in cities and towns.
This was one young woman who was walking and knitting on her way home. She had the best smile!



Wandering around Montreal one day I saw this window display.
the sunlight sparkling off the baubles seemed to negate the cold and bitter November rain that was falling on my shoulders at the time.


City in the Clouds

There is a continuous barrier between the commuters and the Hudson River in New York City.
One morning It became the ground for an ethereal “City in the Clouds”


Windy Day at the Bay

A day at the bay surrounded by wind, sand,rain and bird calls.



The Bridge

Traveling from Vermont back to New York State the other evening as the sun set, I was happy to come to the bridge at just this moment with no other autos around.



Edge of The Desert

I had never been to the desert before this trip to Arizona. The house was at the very edge. Tumbleweeds rolled through the yard when the wind blew. Strong enough to toss the lawn-chairs about the place. When it rained the scent of the Creosote bushes opened up in the world and I understood why people here spoke the word so fondly.

Arizona tryptich


The Azorean Lake

This view of a small lake in the Azores, on the island of Pico was so wonderfully quiet and peaceful that I wanted to stay for days.

Acores Lake_Panorama1


The Glacial Lake

The Glacial Lake

While camping I came into this valley and saw, for the first time, a glacial lake. The colour of the water is created from glacial ice melt and the finely ground rock that is called “glacial flour”, it turns the water a wonderful turquoise colour.

The Glacial Lake


Stone Stairwell

This Stone Stairwell is on my morning walk up to the Garden. Each day this week I passed it hoping that the light would be perfect to allow me to capture the feelings it evokes in me, and each day I was thwarted, until today. Today the sun shone brightly and the slender trees lining the stairwell stood out in high relief against the darker ground.

Stone Stairwell


Shadow Birds in Raintree

Shadow Birds in Raintree

The rain today brought the birds to a tree outside my living room window. They stayed throughout the day.



The Montana Farmstead

Montana Farmstead

An older image but one I have never published before. About 7 years ago I took a solo camping trip across the west to explore parts of the U.S. that I’d only imagined through reading books by the likes of Stegner , Doig, Harrison and Dillard. It took me longer than I expected to get used to the sense of space out west. The sky does seem to go along forever before your eye stops moving. Within this landscape were all sorts of architectural structures I’d only glimpsed in films or in my imagination and none of them prepared me for the rough-hewn beauty of these places.



Walking Through Snowy Woods

This morning’s walk through the snowy wooded trail behind town led me to this image. A spring snow instead of a winter’s one. Now quite so sharp a chill in the air, hints of spring arriving even with the snowflakes swirling around my head.



Seattle Sagebush

This sage bush grows outside my brother’s backdoor in Seattle. I always have liked how the softness of the sage needles contrasts with the hardness of his patio pavers.

Pavers 01


The Azorean Bed

The Azorean Bed

On the Island of Pico, in the Azores, one will often find religious artifacts and imagery above the beds. I liked the light coming through the window, the rumpled bedclothes and the artwork above the headboard in this image.



At The Table

At The Table

We often live around our tables. I invite people for dinner and they all end up in my kitchen around my table, helping, talking, eating. It is the gathering place in my house, more than the living room. it is the place where art projects grow, glue mingles with glitter and string and books and unopened mail and food and cutting boards and small bowls of spices.

At the Table


Recollections and Memories

After my father’s death, we organized his studio. In doing so we frequently uncovered old colour-studies; small, rough paintings used to explore the colours before the larger work was started.



Upper Ausable Lake

The Upper Ausable Lake reflected such a beautiful sky on this particular morning.



Continents of Snow

Continents of Snow.



Last of The Snow

The last of the snow.



Picnic Graffiti

Graffiti on the local school picnic table caught my eye.



Ranked Abstract

Walking in the woods I came across a random pile of firewood.
The way it was ranked caught my eye.
The sunlight coming through the side created something new for me.
Something unexpected.

Ranked Abstract