The Grounded Bed

A simple bed in the Azores was grounded,
Literally on the floor, secured between a chair and the wall.
I wondered where it might run off to if freed?


The Nyack Bed

Domestic areas, have always fascinated me. I often think of them as interior landscapes. Like the literary version, where the author refers to the landscape within the individual, I see these Interiors as manifestations of daily lives. The scenes stand in for the people. The objects: bed, rumpled sheets,mirror, all become the narrators of multiple stories. The images become jumping off points for viewers to create their own interpretations.

Bedroom 03 v1 print

The Azorean Bed

The Azorean Bed

On the Island of Pico, in the Azores, one will often find religious artifacts and imagery above the beds. I liked the light coming through the window, the rumpled bedclothes and the artwork above the headboard in this image.