Alice's Door

The majority of colours appeared only in the reflection here,
prompting me to think of Lewis Carroll’s
Through the Looking Glass world.


Clash of Colours

The brilliantly saturated colours of the insulation against this guy’s hat, made for a visually arresting moment.


The purple was the spray insulation they were working with to seal the outside of a concrete structure in the art museum complex.

Influenced by...

Montreal again.
Wandering on a cold and sunny day.
Feeling the influence of amazing city photographers.
This moment was obviously a “Brassai” moment for me.


The Un-Self-portrait

While attending a photo workshop we were given the task of creating a self-portrait. After so many years at University in art departments, this is one of my least favorite tasks.
This was my solution.


The gentlemen holding my picture was a very surprised and somewhat bored security guy in a mall.
At least he was smiling after I got him to do this for me.

Knitting Her Way Home

I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people as I wander in cities and towns.
This was one young woman who was walking and knitting on her way home. She had the best smile!



Wandering around Montreal one day I saw this window display.
the sunlight sparkling off the baubles seemed to negate the cold and bitter November rain that was falling on my shoulders at the time.