Pot-Lid Portrait

How do we view ourselves in the world? That is a question that continues to intrigue me. What “filters” or distortions do we create in our thinking of ourselves, and which ones are created by that which reflects us in everyday life?


The Orange Towel

This orange towel hangs over a towel-rack in a bathroom in a house in a town in a small village out side of New York City.

It is not my towel, nor my house, nor my town, nor my village, nor my city.
But I do live in New York State

The Un-Self-portrait

While attending a photo workshop we were given the task of creating a self-portrait. After so many years at University in art departments, this is one of my least favorite tasks.
This was my solution.


The gentlemen holding my picture was a very surprised and somewhat bored security guy in a mall.
At least he was smiling after I got him to do this for me.